Wednesday, May 26, 2004


So I should definitely be doing my two IT assignments that are due on Friday instead of updating my blog and talking on msn and reading disturbing Snape/Remus or Remus/Sirius fanfiction, except for one thing...

The due date for my programming assignment has been moved!!


I am so very, very excited. It's now has to be in before midnight on Sunday to avoid penalty (10% a day! What kind of crazy, facist penalty is that?!?), so I've got a whole weekend to work out how to do it!


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Anonymous said...

Squee...? And omg, that is like my dream come true, I'm constantly hoping my famine lecturer will email me and say 'look bron, you're great and I know how intelligent you are, so look, why don't i just give you an H1 and save you the hassle of writing that pesky essay, it'll just be between us...' Ahhhh, it would be so good. One day, one day...