Monday, June 07, 2004

Things I am happy about

I have decided I like lists. So in honour of this monumental discovery on my part, here is a list of things that I am happy about as of this moment:

  • Eva Cassidy's incredible version of 'Bridge over Troubled Water'. Absolutely beautiful.

  • I got a distinction on my programming assignment. And the program didn't even work! Yeah baby!

  • I will be home in less than three weeks.

  • The Google toolbar is very cool and I am very excited about using the 'Blog This!' feature to provide all my dedicated readers with links to many sites of interest.

  • You can use Google as a calculator - who knew?

  • And also as a dictionary - just put in 'define:whatever word you want'. I love Google...

  • Alias is on tomorrow night.

  • The list Bron and I kind of put together last night about all the things we're going to do over the holidays when we don't have to be at stupid university.

  • That I can now code lists without having to look up the tags every time. Yes, I know, I'm an HTML god...

  • The walk that I took on Sunday afternoon with a guy down the hall. I'm also happy in anticipation of the walk that we'll hopefully do again this Sunday. It really was a very good walk.

  • My room is moderately tidy.

  • 'Bridge over Troubled Water' is still making me very happy.

  • The thought of the chocolate and cup of tea that I'm going to walk downstairs to get in a couple of minutes.

Mmm, chocolate... I'll be back later!

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Anonymous said...

That is a damn lot of things to be happy about during Swot Vac. I commend you on your happiness. I too am happy atm, because I just finished my management exam which means I never have to think about it again. Hurrah! Now only an essay and 2 exams to go...I also just watched a bad pirated copy of School of Rock, where people's heads kept popping up, but the coolness of the movie fought through it and won. Yay.