Friday, June 18, 2004


My life is as boring as ever, but I thought I should probably post before someone gets narky at me... :P

Really windy outside at the moment - hopefully we'll get some rain, but I don't like the chances. Canberra has to be the driest city I've ever lived in (because, you know, I've lived in so many.)

I've got my programming exam tomorrow (OT: Exams on weekends? What's up with that?!) which I really should be revising for. I did three and a half hours this afternoon at the library, which I'm quite proud of, but that revision only really pointed out to me how much I don't know. *sigh* I lost a day of revision yesterday too because of a damn migraine (the 6 hours of sleep during the day was quite nice though - my bed is so comfortable!), so I'm kinda behind on the schedule. But really, who gives a shit anymore? :P

My average in programming is pretty good - I think I'm on a high distinction average - so in the scheme of things, I'm probably not caring about this exam as much as I should be. Plus, the subject matter is deadly boring and the lecture notes that I'm supposed to be revising are utter crap. Everything is basically conspiring against me studying for this exam!

Ok, so this post is essentially crap and pointless, but it's a post, so no-one is allowed to complain. And at least I write emails... grrr....

I think I'll just go to bed and watch The West Wing. My back's hurting anyway... :(

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