Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Joy to the world!

Yippee! Yay!! Me is in a mega-tops mood!!!

Why, you may ask, is Maddy in such a good mood? Well, seeing as I'm in such a splendiferous mood, I will tells ya. In a helpful list. Because I'm helpful like that.
  • I got a cheque for $2500 this morning!

  • I (finally) finished writing my 2500 word essay for European history! And then handed it in! 15 minutes before the (already extended) deadline!

  • I had chocolate this afternoon!

  • I found my brother's favourite chewing gum in the supermarket, chewing gum previously thought to only be sold in North America!

  • I had a good dinner tonight!

  • I listened to a really interesting speech on corporate accounting and auditing! No, really!

  • I got 93.5% on my cookies assignment!

  • I got a new kickarse background for my desktop! You can get it too, here!

  • Alias!!!!!
Alias was sooo good tonight - it's been a pretty damn fine last few weeks actually. Highlights of this week (once again, in handy list form because, well, I can):
  • Evil Jack! Jack rocks my world, especially when he's being all brooding and nasty and evil and vengeful against slimy sometimes-good, sometimes-bad Sloane. Oh yes, Jack is good. We need more Jack.

  • Vaughn finally realises the truth about evil, annoying Lauren. I don't care that she's Angel off Home & Away, just leave already you stupid bitch.

  • Marshall's "Wow, she's good. I mean, if you had to pick someone evil to marry, she was a good choice" comment. Ahh, how I love Marshall. Not as much as Jack of course, because brooding, vengeful Jack kicks dirt all over 'look at me! I'm the cute comic relief' Marshall.

  • Sydney has a sister! And Sloane is the father! And Sydney's sister is a biological weapon that has the power to destroy the world! And who will either kill Syd, or Syd will kill her! Yay for fucked up family relationships on Alias!

  • Jack fake killing Sloane after that absolutely incredible scene with the wine. Oh. My. God. I mean, we all knew that he wouldn't be dead, but that scene, in the cell, with the wine, and the whole punishing Sloane's daughter thing... phew. I state, once again: Jack rocks my world.

  • The distinct possibility that Irena will return very, very soon. No-one can be unhappy when the possibility of more Irena is in the wings!

  • And, and, and... oh, there's too much really. Let's just say that Alias kicks some serious arse, and move on!! Yay for Alias!!
Ok, that's probably enough silly, happy Maddy for one day. And far too many exclamation marks. But I really am in a very good mood!

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Anonymous said...

i would just liek to say that I'VE Had far too much stella and that i am also bakcl. Wooohooo,. So mads, hows thast blossoming romance>?