Sunday, August 29, 2004


John Howard has finally called the election for October 9.

It's about bloody time. This has to be the longest campaign in Australian political history, and if hasn't even started yet! I'm pissed off a bit that the election's going to be during term-time: I don't want my first voting experience to be sending a postal vote! It just won't be the same... But at least I'll be in Canberra for it all, which will be cool.

All Australians reading this - I sincerely hope that you're enrolled to vote. The government has just changed the rules regarding enrollment, meaning that you've only got a few days to register now before the electoral roll is closed. So if you're not enrolled, (1) shame on you!, and (2) go do it right now! If you're not sure if you're enrolled properly, of if you don't know what electorate you're enrolled in, you can verify your enrollment here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. And here I thought our political system was weird in the U.S. Blogging about the RNC in NYC lately.

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