Monday, August 30, 2004

on the radio

I should be doing (a shitload) of work right now, but... meh. I've gotten to that point in the semester where I overwhelmingly do not give a shit.

I've been listening to ABC local radio all day, and I think I'm addicted. I turned it on to hear a decent news bulletin when I got up (as much as I love Triple J, their news coverage is... erratic at best), and kinda just left it on for the rest of the day. I now know all about the impact that a Labor government will have on interest rates (not much at all, if you believe the litany of economists that the ABC produced), what's happening on The Bill at the moment, and that the Canberra folk festival has just appointed a new director.

So, all useful stuff really!

Not a lot of music, which sucks, although they did play stuff of the new Finn Brothers CD, which I am not even more determined to buy, when I somehow find the money to pay for it.

Oh, and they had Yes, Minister excerpts. And how can you really go wrong with Yes, Minister?!

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