Thursday, August 12, 2004


I am a coding machine ladies and gentlemen, a coding machine.

Yes, that's right, yours truly got 5 out of 5 on her practical progamming test this afternoon. That's 100% people!

I must say I'm insanely happy about this result - I was pretty sure that I was going to fail dismally. But apparently revision actually helps: an hour with the books last night and two hours in front of a computer this morning made all the difference.

I should really try this 'work' thing more often...

In other news, my degree (both of them really) is deadly boring and the sheer pointlessness of it all is starting to really annoy me. I mean, what is the point of learning (again!) how to count the number of 6-digit integers that are divisible by 7?! I mean really, someone tell me the point!

And IT students give me the shits.

I'm so over uni. Bring on the holidays and Melbourne...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What you didn't get 110%? Really Maddy pull up your socks.
Joking... Good job. What are you talking about intigers for?? Urrgg... School's over for me ... Death to the integer.
Oh yeah I love the last minute revision. I wonder what my English mark would have been if I had actually studied for the tests... one could only wonder...

And what is this IT students and Dihoreea ? You might want to get that checked.

Later !
Katie Moss