Wednesday, August 18, 2004

we kick arse

Last night a group of us won the 'IR society trivia night'.

This wouldn't be all that impressive if it wasn't for the fact that we beat 2 teams of our lecturers, and several other teams of later-years students!

Woohoo!! We kick some serious IR society arse!

My major contribution to the team was knowing what it is that Anya off Buffy is petrified of. I was proud.

(for the record, it's bunnies. I only know this because it's in the singing and dancing episode 'Once more with feeling', which I watch at least once a week now.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maddy you are the arse kicker, you kicked some serious arse, infact if I was in an arse kicking contest and I had to pick a partner it would so undoubtably be you my friend, you're like an arse kicking deity.

On other topics, I recently had to buy tights for a costume for the play, so they weren't even for me, and I must say you are right, it is a painful experience. I must have stood there for about 30 minutes trying to decide, short or tall? beige or skin? Black, or almost black? Opaque or see through? Reinforced toe? Infused with Aloe vera? Exra strength? All-day freshness? Oh god the decisions! Finally I just went for the cheapest ones after having decided that for 6 shows the actor probably didn't need state-of-the-art tummy-tucking-moisturising-refreshing-reinforcements in her tights.

So in conclusion, I am in awe of you for your superior arse kicking abilities as well as your accomplishment in actually choosing some tights.

Love Bronski