Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kill City

While I was in Melbourne we visited Kill City, my absolute favourite bookshop in Australia, if not the entire world. The store, to my knowledge, is the only dedicated crime bookshop in Australia. When I'm there I always find books that I've been vainly searching for in libraries and other shops for months and months. Last visit I picked up a copy of Justice Hall when it hadn't even been released in Australia yet - the owner gets them specially imported from the US.

The highlight of this visit was finding a copy of The Floating Admiral, an extremely hard-to-find novel written in 1932 by the members of the Detection Club, aka the cream of Britain's mystery writers. Each of the contributors, including Dorothy L. Sayers, C.K. Chesterson and Agatha Christie, wrote one chapter of the novel. The result, by all accounts, isn't exactly a jewel of mystery fiction, but it's the 'curiousity factor' which is important!

And all this for $6! I love you Kill City...

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