Saturday, October 23, 2004

Best day

Absolutely incredible, wonderful, lovely day today. A group of us all packed into two cars (accompanied by an embarrassing amount of food) and headed for the coast to spend the day at the beach.

It was absolutely fandabulous. We lay in the sun, we played beach cricket, we went swimming, we chased after balls like idiots, made sand-castles, danced embarrassingly, and ate a whole lotta food (with enough left over to get us through watching 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' this evening without getting very hungry!).

So to anyone who happens to be reading this and who happened to be at the beach with me today (you shouldn't be reading this, but stranger things have happened): I had an absolutely wonderful day - thanks for making it so great! And remember: "It doesn't float!"


Anonymous said...

Not fair Maddy. Its suppose to snow sometime soon here. What is it there the middle of summer? yeesshh. I'm moving to Austrialia. And No. John Edwards is not sexy. Not the running vice president or the guy that talks to dead people. - Katie Moss

Mads said...

Vice president John Edwards is sexy. Talking to dead people John Edwards is most definitely not!

Sucked in with the snow! I think moving to Australia sounds like an excellent move on your part.

Oh! This is cool: I was talking to the head of the arts faculty here last night. He's Canadian, and he had actually heard of Brockville! He went to Queens in Kingston. I've never actually met anyone in Australia who has heard of Brockville... :)

Anonymous said...

I went to the beach too Mads! Except it was fucking freezing, raining, overcast and grey. Joy. So anyway, here's my lovely fandabulous comment that I promised.