Thursday, October 14, 2004


I have been told to update, so I will. Because I'm obedient like that.

I'm absolutely exhausted: 100% stuffed. My programming assignment was due this afternoon at 6pm, and I completely buggered it up and didn't do any of it properly and it's crap and worthless and I'm obviously going to fail because this course is evil and I still can't work out exactly why I'm doing IT.

So yes. That's what has been happening in my world the last few days.

Had a 21st on Tuesday night, which was cool. Went out to dinner to a cool restaurant and avoided college food for a night, which is always tops. I had to wear another girl's shoes home though, which wasn't so tops: her thongs were slicing her feet to shreds, so being the martyr that I am I offered her my lovely red sandals ($13 in Canada man!) in exchange for her evil silver thongs. I'm such a good person...

There is currently 2 cases of champagne sitting in the corner of my room, which is tops. I won them both in a raffle last term, but only got my hands on them this evening. There was even a $50 meal voucher for a local restaurant with them! So somehow I have to find a way to dispose of 24 bottles of champagne before the end of the semester. Could be difficult... :)

This is such an incredibly crap post, but I'm too tired to write anything decent. And James' ugly eye is distracting me too much. :p