Sunday, October 10, 2004

three more years

It's hard to describe just how depressed I am right now. Is it really possible to survive three more years of a Howard government?

Three more years of lies, of avoiding the truth, of no apologies. Three more years of making universities more expensive, health-care more scarce and Australia a more dangerous place in which to live. Three more years of the erosion of rights, the destruction of equality and the death of a 'fair Australia'.

I know that I'm having trouble comprehending the fact that he won... again. Who are these people who keep on voting for the Liberal Party? Australians have the worst short term memory ever: it's the only way to account for the fact that they seem to have forgotten the last 3 years, not to mention the years before that. As long as your interest rates stay down it would seem, there's no need to worry about the rest.

And I now live in a Liberal seat, with my federal member now the odious Michael "strong family values" Ferguson. If someone could please explain to me what exactly 'family values' are, it would be much appreciated.

Speaking of 'family values', early indications point to a senate controlled by Family First. And seeing as John Howard is all for these mythical 'family values', this almost certainly equates to a senate controlled by the Coalition. Shoot me now. This kills my hope that at least the Greens could be lovely and obstructionist and stop all of Howard's crap legislation, leading hopefully to a double dissolution election where Labor would be swept into power by an Australia that was sick of the lies and the crap.

But apparently that won't be happening now.

I repeat: shoot me now.

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Anonymous said...

family first, fundamentalist christians, one candidate said that lesbians should be burnt, its the christian thing to do you see.

family values, well they are my values, and if you disagree with them you will be burnt at the stake as well.....

three more years behind the white picket fence, wont be long before the rodent reverts to type and reintroduces the white australia policy....