Saturday, October 09, 2004

Voting in Antarctica

The Australian Electoral Commission goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every single Australian who has the right to vote is able to, even if the Australian in question is currently living in Antarctica. I love the idea of this, that people living in Antarctica can still vote like everybody else. Good work AEC - I've looked at the websites of other electoral commissions around the world (like Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States) and none of them seem to go to half the lengths that our commission does. Sure, the whole compulsory voting thing adds an extra incentive, but even if voting is not compulsory it should be the right of everybody to vote easily and efficiently, wherever they happen to be at the time. Even if that happens to be in Antarctica.

Photo: AFP/Mark Healy

(This post is not only to show you a cool photo of a polling station in Antarctica. It's to remind everyone who hasn't voted yet to go out and vote already! Polls close at 6pm, so you've got just over 2 hours... go!)

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