Thursday, November 25, 2004

update stuff

No updates for a week, blah blah. Meh. My level of interest in anything and everything internet-like seems to have disappeared now that exams are over and I have no reason to procrastinate. This lack of interest does mean however that it takes me twice as long to do my 'routine' when I come online - so much email! So many new blog posts! So much to do, so much time in which to do it!

So yeah, I'm home, which is a good thing. Took a long time to get here (it's not the shortest drive in the world, from uni to here!) but it was good fun, and mum and I made a serious pilgrimage to Ikea.

That store rocks my world. It's bloody exhausting and bloody intense when you're in there (so much to see! so much to touch! so many weird words!), but it's great fun. And it's all so cheap! Yay for the cheap photo frames and the cheap and funky new doona covers and the whiteboard/magnetic thingo! Waahoo!

On a side note: we saw 3 separate planes on trailers being towed by cars on the way down. Does anyone else think that's a bit of a statistical anomaly? Or at least seriously random?

Went into town today, had my eyes checked (as the optometrist turns away after putting lurid yellow drops into my eyes: "oh, forgot to mention, it might sting a bit." "ARGGHH!" screams me as my eyes burn up. Not quite, but it wasn't pleasant.), hair cut, etc. etc. I always forget just how many skanks there are in my hometown until I return and see the evidence first-hand. I also saw a girl who was 2 years behind me in Primary School. And the very obvious evidence that she was pregnant. Kids these days, I don't know...

I have other stuff to say, but I'm tired and this is getting boring. So, you know, bye!

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Anonymous said...

Your done your exams? Thats not fair I have mine in two weeks. PANIC.