Wednesday, December 01, 2004



Holidays are good, but I can see boredom rapidly approaching on the horizon. Must find something productive and useful to do.

Would prefer if it did not involve working in retail.

Token James Bond news: (heh. Just typed 'James Bone' by accident. heh)
Ioan Gruffudd is said to be the only one in consideration for Bond 21. But really, is this something that we can believe? Or is this just someone going "oh, we haven't written about James Bond for a while, let's make up some crap story and post it!"

Much like what I am doing now. But here's a photo of said Ioan Gruffudd to complete the 'picture'.

(photo: Killer Movies)
In other news:

This is scary. My level of desire to fly through the States, even if I do end up in Canada, has been severely reduced ever since the fingerprint/digital photo law was introduced. And then you read about things like this happening, and... well, let's just say I would fly the other way round the world in order to avoid having to touch American soil at all.

This is an excessively addictive game. Even if it is in German. (much like this game, which frustrated and entertained me in equal measure a few months ago) If anyone figures out how to do level 33, let me know.

And wah! We have no water! Until 4.30pm! And the road outside my house looks like it was hit with a bomb! I am sincerely hoping that Bron (when she presumably wakes up and calls me) will kindly lend me some water and offer her shower to me for a borrow. Or something. Wah!

Oh yeah, I rock! Finally got my results yesterday (damn internet not working) and... I rock! I actually got a credit in software engineering, a complete fluke of nature that had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the teaching provided or the 'hard work' that I (didn't) put in and more to do with an enormous bit of luck! Waahoo! I haven't got my history mark yet because I had to do a special exam, but all the others were tops. I actually got a distinction in maths! Now that's rocking my world right now, I can tell you.

A credit in software engineering! WAAHOO!

I suppose I'll go write an email to James now, even though he is a hypocritical loser, demanding that we write to him. Loser.


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spy said...

Damn those cows!!!!! So wonderfully addictive! Just like those drunks. And I too did well in history, despite the quality of teaching and work (just as you said!!).

Rock on! WAAA HOOOOO we love you Natalie!