Friday, March 18, 2005

Just some things

I wanna say something about VSU (ie. how bad it is), but my brain isn't up to that kind of in-depth thinking right now. So yeah, expect an anti-VSU rant at some point over the weekend.

The Garden State soundtrack rocks. Mega rocks. It's been playing non-stop on ze ipod for the last three days, and will be going non-stop for at least another week. I have noticed however that it has the effect of bringing on a feeling of... not exactly melancholy, but something pretty close. Not in a bad way, but yeah. Maybe I should listen to something a tad more upbeat in the morning when I'm trying to work up the energy just to get out of bed (like nosebleed section by the Hilltop Hoods, which is my other musical obsession lately).

Long weekend this week in Canberra, then Easter the week after. I'm starting to get just a little stircrazy: I read the travel sections from at least 3 newspapers every week, morosely gazing at all the places I could be over Easter that's not here. I tend to get like this towards the end of term time or whatever, but... I dunno, I've been ridiculously busy the last few weeks, and there's been some other stuff going on lately that I can't talk about that's got me feeling like a holiday someplace anywhere but here would be supremely good right now.

So yeah. Pretty pointless really. Maybe there'll be something more coherent after I have a nap (not much sleep last night, then got up early for a 9am lecture that in the end I couldn't be bothered going to). Mmmm...

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Bronski said...

Ok, firstly, VSU, yes, crap, and I don't really understand it...but anyway, secondly..."something going on that i can't talk about"!? You cannot just say that! What! What is it? Tell me now! Right now! And finally, yeh, it'll suck at easter without you there too. Ooo, I had lunch with Simon today, still no explaination. Bizarre.