Saturday, March 19, 2005

Killer swans!

I'm just going to have to leave you in suspense, Bron - no talkie from me! (unless you, you know, pick up a phone and call me - I'm not writing this stuff down!)

My room is spotless: this morning I actually vacuumed! That's gotta get me some kind of recognition. Recognition that I procrastinate by cleaning, but recognition all the same. I did manage to injure myself cleaning however, which just shows that whatever I am doing, I put myself at severe risk. There's an enormous bandaid wrapped around my finger right now covering up where I cut the skin to shreds by putting my hand into a basket and coming up against my razor. Nice work, me.

Fed the ducks on the lake this evening, which is always fun. It seems like it's going to be a bit of a tradition, this "let's steal lots of bread from the dining room and feed the hundreds of birds that live on the cesspool that is Lake Burley Griffin!" Yay! But it was good, and I was super-brave when I fed a swan some bread out of my hand. These are mutant killer swans, by the way. They will kill, given half the chance...

A random German guy who believes that drop-bears really exist followed me home on Thursday and then stole cutlery from our dining room. If possible, my life is becoming more bizarre.

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Tim Lisle said...

cleaning is one of the best and most popular ways of procrastination because you can justify it to anyone, another good way is reorganising your room and your work, as they are also easily justified.