Sunday, May 01, 2005

A real post this time!

So yes, a real post tonight, because this thing seems to have turned into a list of random links and crap, which wasn't really my intention. Just me being lazy, really.

To cut a long story short: back at uni after holidays (one week here doing work, one week at home doing... nothing). I have far too much work to do, but at least I got an extension on my 3,500 word history essay from the kindest, coolest lecturer to ever grace this fair earth. This woman rocks. Of course I still have one 3,000 word one to do, and the next section in the continuing saga that is I-Hate-Fucking-Group-Work, but that extension has helped mega heaps.

What is not helping is the cold/cough/general unwellness that crept up on me yesterday morning when I got up. Friday - Maddy is fine. Saturday - OMG what did I do to piss of the world to deserve a cough like this. Last night I could not stop shivering in bed, despite the long pjs, socks, polar-fleece blanket and a heat pack. Damn being sick. Not happy, Jan - although I might be able to get another extension out of it, which makes me feel marginally better. I love Arts tutors who don't care whether you have a medical certificate or not.

I had my hair cut on Friday, which was cool. It's all short and stuff though, so it's taking me a while to get used to. The general consensus at college seems to be that it's good - so much so that I'm beginning to wonder just how hideous my haircut was before.

I paid $39 at the hairdresser's, which is I think the most I have ever paid for a haircut in my life, and I personally feel was a bit expensive (especially for a salon on campus that, presumably, caters mostly to students). What's an acceptable amount to pay for a haircut? Discuss.

Saw two good movies this week: A Very Long Engagement on Thursday and Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events this afternoon. Strongly recommend both of them, if only for the visuals - really beautiful and striking looking movies. Lemony Snicket especially: I don't care that it's a 'kids' film, that movie was great! And kinda dark too - I know I wouldn't let a 7 year old go and see it. Seeing Hitchhiker's Guide on Tuesday, which should be interesting...

I've been told that I should comment on the new pope here. I personally don't care all that much, but I do think that they could have done better. I was going for the Belgian, personally. And that's about the extent of my commentary on the 'papal situation'.

'Wire in the Blood' on Friday night was wonderful, even if the crap sound on the tv downstairs meant that I couldn't understand most of what Tony was saying (damn mumbling crazy men!). I love the books that the series is based on (thanks go to Bron for buying me one of them for a birthday a few years ago), and I think the show captures the books really well. Especially the all-important relationship between Tony and Carol, how incredibly mixed up, but at the same time very 'normal', they both are. So yeah, Wire in the Blood rocks, and I would say you should all watch it, but the season is over. Guess you'll just have to wait for the next one!

And on a final note, if someone was looking to buy me a spontaneous gift, I would strongly recommend this: Season 1 of the House of Eliott on DVD. That show would still have to be in my top-5 favourite shows of all time, which is a pretty big call I think, considering how much tv I watch.

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Bronski said...

I know people who wouldn't mind spending $80 on a hair cut. Its all that dye. I personally find around $30 or $40 reasonable