Friday, June 03, 2005

Apparently I'm border-line

I'll be coming back from somewhere or other and I'll be thinking about all the good things I'll do when I get back to my room and all the work I will do... and then I sit down at my desk and it's like "Oooh! The Internet! Shiny!" and suddenly it's two hours later and all I've done is read bad fanfic.

Go me, huh?

At the end of my last post I whacked in a little sentence about how I convinced my tutor to give me a distinction instead of a credit on my essay. What I didn't mention is that she had given me a credit because she suspected me of "border-line plagiarism". I've never been called a plagiarist before and, well, I was just a little insulted. Apparently two of my footnotes weren't quite right, and I should've put something in quotes that I didn't (she actually went and borrowed the book from the library to check my citation - this woman is hardcore!), and that just these three (in my mind) little things makes me a dirty plagiarist. I was able to convince her that no, I hadn't meant to do it, and yes, I understand what plagiarism is, and no, I'm not the university equivalent of the scum of the earth. She was very nice about it all and said that in fact my essay was very good and explored issues that no-one else had, which is all very good... except she thought I was plagiarising! Not intentionally, but I was still suspected of plagiarism! Which makes me sad.

But yay me for convincing her that I did in fact know what I was talking about and am not the scum of the earth, ie. someone stupid enough to plagiarise.

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Bronski said...

Plagiarism scares me, I swear I really don't mean to, but sometimes I feel i may be a little border-line myself...its so tricky to reference properly!