Wednesday, June 08, 2005

brainfreeze, copyright and me

Just a quick pointless post to prove that yes, I am still alive, and yes, I do still write stuff on here occasionally. I'm in the midst of stupid exam preparation, which would usually account for a higher-than-average post frequency, but maybe I'm being good this time and actually doing work. Or not. Maybe I'm just too stingy to pay for net access in my room, and so had to wait until I got free wireless in the library (yay for free wireless!) before posting anything. Meh. Whatever.

This video of people with brainfreeze (link goes to a boing boing post that talks about it, because the link straight to it automatically starts playing the video, which = bad news for those of us who pay for net access by the mb) is hilarious, and should so win the contagious media showdown. Although Crying, While Eating is also strangely cool.

The Australian Copyright Council has some great factsheets on the basics of copyright from an Aussie perspective, which is cool. I only mention this because I just finished revising copyright and the internet for my exam tomorrow, and their factsheets were very helpful. Everyone should know about their rights when it comes to copyright, and about how Australia was screwed over by the free trade agreement with the US when it came to this issue (not to mention the million other issues on which we also got screwed over).

I also highly recommend AppRocket - I only installed it this morning, but already the sheer "OMG this program rocks how did I ever live without it?" impact of it has set in. It's basically Quicksilver for windows (if that means anything to you) - runs all the time and makes everything efficient and quick and mouse-free and generally really really cool. It's kinda hard to explain what exactly it does, so instead here's a great tutorial to get you started on a really cool little bit of software.

In closing, I think I use the word 'cool' too much. Not cool at all.

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