Monday, June 13, 2005

Neckity neck neck

Obligatory "I should be doing study, but I'm not" post. I should be reading about the causes of World War I right now: I thought I had left this topic behind when I did it until it was dead in grade 12, but apparently studying a course called 'The Great War: 1914-1919' means you have to study what made a war spontaneously occur in 1914. Fancy that. But yeah, obviously not doing that reading. Although I did have a bit of a chuckle about the author describing France and Britain in the nineteenth century as two snarky teenagers, going at each other whenever they could. It's funny because it's true, people.

Yeah, I'm so boring now I'm reduced to making (not at all funny) comments on British and French relations in the nineteenth century. Go me!

In the library typing this because (1) I have absolutely no credit for net access in my room, and (2) I can't use my laptop at the moment because OMG WTF IS WITH MY NECK?!?! I'm currently incapable of looking at my laptop screen for more than about 10 minutes at a time, because I cannot physically look down that far without extreme pain. I am also incapable of turning to look to my left, or up. So unless you're standing directly in front of me, or to my left, you've got no chance in hell of getting my attention. It sucks, and I'm sick of it, and I'm going to the physio tomorrow because it's been three days and did I mention I'm sick of it?

I had an exam on Thursday, which was easy and stuff, so nothing to report there. Except that I was sitting in the very back row in the hall, and everyone within a 4 seat radius of me left early. So I'm there at the end, sitting at the back all on my own. That was a little weird. But after that there was pasta and ice-cream at dinner, and then a mad rush out to Belconnen where we saw 'Mr and Mrs Smith', which is an incredibly cool and sexy and funny movie, and did I mention sexy? My God Brad Pitt can wear... well anything he wants really, but he did look particularly gorgeous in this film. And Angelina Jolie's not exactly ugly to look at either. I give a big 'Two Thumbs Up!' to Mr and Mrs Smith...

On Friday I went to the War Memorial, which was fantastic. I went to the Dawn Service this year, but I hadn't been inside the Memorial proper since about 1993. So yeah, it's changed a little since I last visited. It's an absolutely beautiful building - I have millions of photos, which I will put up when I can be bothered, and when I have net credit. The exhibitions were also incredible, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears over a couple of them. One letter from a soldier to his family in particular... guh. I took a photo of it, so I might put that up at some point too. Sufficed to say, you must all go to the War Memorial as soon as humanly possible. I don't care if you don't live in Canberra - you will visit me, and then you will catch a number 33 or number 40 bus from Civic out to the Memorial.

Saturday and Sunday... not exactly sure what I did. Not work, that's for sure. I'm so lazy. But I also don't care, so it's not a big issue. But the library closes in 45 minutes (damn public holidays!) so I should at least finish this stupid article. Stupid exams...

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