Monday, June 20, 2005

two down, two to go

Another "I should be doing work... but I'm not" post. Once again in a library, once again 'revising' for an exam, but at least now I can use my laptop without suffering severe and stupid neck pain. Bless the wonderful Janet the physiotherapist, and whatever it was she did to me last Tuesday.

Two exams down, two to go. All of my friends finish on Wednesday, which is an absolute shit because I'll still have TWO TO GO on Wednesday night. Bleurgh. Damn my evenly spread out exam timetable!

I'm so sick of people bitching non-stop about college people, college food, college life in general. I've been known to partake in a bit of complaining session now and then, but these people take it to an entirely new level. Here's a thought: if you hate it so fucking much, then move the fuck out!!! You're obviously not getting your money's worth, and the for the prices we're paying you'd better hope you're getting at least a modicum of enjoyment out of the experience.

It's ridiculously cold up here at the moment, and is supposed to get even colder this week: 6 degrees on Thursday, if you're to believe the weather thingo that I use in bloglines. 6 degrees!! It'll be warmer in New Zealand at this rate.

Yay! New Zealand on Monday!

Ok, I'm giving up now and going back to college. It's blatantly obvious that no more work will be done before I have some deep-fried potato for lunch...


Nat!! said...

No, seriously, always look on the bright side of life, and things will always be grand...:-)
And what is with not liking happiness........

Tim Lisle said...

bad luck I've finished, admittedly I'm stuck here (tassie) alone until thursday.

Anonymous said...

hehe - so nat