Sunday, July 31, 2005

Unanswerable stupidity

I love I spent a very enjoyable (and informative!) half an hour there a few days ago debunking a story about a $250 cookie recipe that my parents had told me. But this page, courtesy of Neil Gaiman's journal, has to be the most entertaining: the Unanswerables section, aka the questions that were too stupid to answer. Here are some of my favourites:
A friend of mine asked me if I've ever hear of invisible witches or ghosts that suck the blood out of a person's arm while they are sleeping. Apparently, she saw "marks" on her boyfriend's arm and this was the story that he told her.
Yeah, that's where he got those hickeys sweetie. The invisible witches that visited when he was asleep.
Is it true that a girl cannot get pregnant if her mate smokes the seeds of marijuana when he smokes marijuana, please tell me if this is true because a lot of people tell me it is true and a lot of people tell me it's not and I don't know whaether to believe it or not because this town lies a lot. thanks.
This is just wrong on so many levels.
can you tell me how i would analyze the effect each statistic has on the world.
I know of a few people studying statistics who would be very happy to hear the answer to this question.

But the prize for ultimate stupidity goes to this one:
If you sneeze and get into an accident, are you still at fault? Are there any laws?

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Nat!! said...

HA HA HA... that last one is actually a very "norwegian snow bunny" aka "what if a starsign star explodes" kind of quote.....