Monday, August 01, 2005

Guilty pleasure

After catching a certain someone watching Gilmore Girls in his room (he finished the entire series of One Tree Hill last semester) I got to wondering: what's you guilty trashy pleasure? Tv, movies, books, Britney Spears, Who Weekly magazine - what's the one thing that you love to read/watch/listen to that you would be mortified to admit to anyone?

I'll go first, because otherwise I think my chances of success in getting anyone else to participate would be pretty low. Tv wise, I've always had a soft spot for America's Next Top Model, mostly because I love hearing Tyra Banks describe anything and everything as "fierce", and because the sheer lunacy of Janice Dickinson and Miss J (the male runway coach who inexplicably always wears a mini skirt and high-heels) is incredibly entertaining. I tried to get into the Australian version, but it just wasn't the same, possibly because of the high skank factor.

I also love a good Who Weekly, but mostly because the crossword is good, so I don't think that really counts. But if we're talking about embarrassing reading material, I'm sure my collection of Star Trek books would certainly qualify. Yes, I read Star Trek books and I'm proud!

So tell me people: what's your guilty trashy pleasure?


Jimmy said...

Big Brother
One Tree Hill
Amerie - One Thing
Bryan Adams - Although to be fair, I dont think Bryan should count considering he's so ridiculously cool. I love my Bryan Adams Greatest Hits.

Bronski said...

I really actually quite like J-Lo. So embarrassing! All the TV i watch is trash, Dawson's Creek, The OC, Gilmore Girls, Lois and Clarke...but as Jimmy says, I don't feel they should be guilty pleasures because if anyone got over their stupid prejudices and gave them a chance they'd realise how fabulous they all really are. Apart from that I'm so supremely cool I don't do anything un-cool!

spy said...

That's right! Watching Gilmore Girls should not be my guilty pleasure, it is educational in the ways of nerdy, rich American girls in Connecticut.

What else to I enjoy guiltily?
One Tree Hill, of course... it's so trashy it hurts.
I used to watch Dawson's Creek every now and again.
Is chocolate a guilty pleasure?
Gossiping... that's bound to be a guilty pleasure, especially wholly unnecessary and fallacious gossiping.

And you just didn't reveal Next Top Model, you outted me, *bitch with hand movement*

Matthew said...

Well unfortunately I do not have any guilty pleasures. People who know me, will agree with me. I am quite open that I love Celine Dion, ABBA, Neighbours, Australian Idol, Cosima De Vito, Britney Spears. You think it is embarrasing - I will most definately like it and be open about!!!!

Down with guilty pleasures!!!!

More importantly, who has agreed they like something when secretly they hate it? For examle, a Quinten Tarineeno (Spelling) movie or something.

Tim Lisle said...

Big Brother, bad Australian made kids shows, I think that's about it.