Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rock on email to flickr!!

I got a new phone during the holidays because my contract was up. It's shiny and has a colour screen and very noisy games and stupid ringtones... but the most exciting thing about this phone is that it has a camera, and a pretty bloody good one at that. But the only way it seems to get the wonderful photos that I take off the phone and onto something useful like my laptop is to email them. Which is fine and all works well, and is actually free for me (up to a point) because I get 20 free multimedia text messages a month on my contract.

But the really cool thing, and the thing I want to tell everyone about today, is that I just emailed a photo to my flickr account... and it worked! I just put in my personalised flickr 'upload by email' address, sent it off, and five seconds later there it is in my flickr photostream! That is uber cool people (even cooler because it's a photo of graffiti that says "Kill Po-Mo"). Next time I'm going to try posting the picture to my blog at the same time, because that would be top stuff.

(PS. I want guilty pleasures people! You don't get to hear about my Next Top Model obsession for free!)

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