Saturday, October 15, 2005

Killer bread

I used to buy a lamington from the Trevallyn Bakery every Thursday when I was at school before I had my piano lesson. Lucky I don't do that anymore, or I could have been a victim of Tasmania's worst outbreak of salmonella - 64 people infected!

EDIT: Just realised that this is post number 375. Do you think I wasted it linking to an article on salmonella in a bakery that probably only a couple of you (maximum) have ever visited? What should I do for post number 400?


spy said...

Rock on salmonella! Put for your 400th post? Perhaps serendipity and providence will work together to provide you with an Uber-moment that can be posted. (It might involve a picture of hilarious proportions!)

matthewonlocation said...

I first thought that it was truly a waste of momentuous proportions...but then again is 375 really an important number?

On the other hand...I like Sandro's point...more salmonella is needed for this blog...just to jazz things up...Make is the 400th and 425th post.