Saturday, October 15, 2005

We have a Bond

It's official: the new James Bond is Daniel Craig. Who? you ask. Good question - I'd never heard of him either. Looking at this filmography, the only movie I've seen is Tomb Raider, from which I vaguely remember him. The most disappointing part of the announcement however, apart from the fact that I won't hear Clive Owen say "Bond. James Bond", is that there will be no Moneypenny or Q in the new film. How can you have a Bond film without Moneypenny or Q?! It makes no sense.

EDIT: While getting the link to Clive Owen's IMDb page, I came across this interesting/disturbing tidbit - he's starring in an Alfonso Cuarón directed adaptation of the P.D. James novel, The Children of Men. The Children of Men is one of James' most disturbing novels, and quite unlike (in my mind) any of her other books. More sci-fi than mystery, the story depicts a world in 2021 where everyone is infertile. Probably more than any of her other books, The Children of Men would actually succeed as a film, not least because you could easily deal with the often tedious long passages of description that are a feature of all of James' works - we can just see the damn house instead of reading about the damn thing for 4 pages. I love P.D. James' books, I really do, but it would be so much simpler if you could just skip over all the highly-crucial and important descriptive stuff in the first half of her novels, and go straight to the action at the end.

And for a post on the new James Bond, this has well and truly gone off track...


matthewonlocation said...

I just want to now get all tripped out over a world of!

Second, I am interested to know who the new James Bond is and kinda not. (This is not a cristisism (argh spelling) of this blog, I want to know). I guess with James Bond...I have just plain got over it all. All the really cool gadgets have become more realistic...And...I dunno. I just wish James Bond was like the old James Bond movies. I am going to end it there because my comments are stupid. I am just never satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen this new bond in "Road to perdition". A movie with Tom Hanks, it came out a few years ago.