Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You want me to think of a title now?

Hmm, so yes, long time between real updates, as opposed to me lazily linking to stuff that I find when I'm procrastinating. The reason for the lack of posts is of course evil evil exams, and being so very bloody busy, and spending about 21 hours in Tasmania (which was fantastic, but oh-dear-god exhausting). But the worst of it is over now, and today was my 'get my life back in order' day, which was all very nice and good until I got a stupid migraine this afternoon. Which is always fun, and ever so good for the productivity levels. Bleurgh. I'm in the process of thinking about going back to bed, but I've spent all afternoon there and I feel like I should accomplish something today.

Maybe I'll go get chocolate. As productive things go...

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matthewonlocation said...

Oh poor maddy. I realise my comment is a little late so I will just respond that I hope you are feeling better today. I will give you are call when the pressure is just a little less than exploding. Or otherwise, just sms me and say that I need you like the cheap procrastinating device that I am. And yes, I do realise I have not ability. to punc.tuate!,