Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ho ho frikkin' ho

So, bit of a recap of the last few days:
Christmas was wonderful: the food was fabulous, the family festive, and most importantly the presents were... pleasing? Positive? Insert some other word for 'good' starting with P here. Best gift of the day was a set of four bright red mugs with colourful spots, and a matching bright red teapot. Everyone is invited around to my room next year for afternoon tea! I'll also throw in a mention of the very nice lacy underwear, just for Matt.

Boxing Day was the normal: cricket, ham, more cricket, more ham. The rest of my family are cricket tragics to rival John Howard, and so the start of the Boxing Day Test is a major event. I certainly like my fair share of cricket, and I don't mind watching a good one-day match, but I find test cricket just a little bit trying on my patience. But it was all good and relaxing.

It was yesterday, the 27th, when the trouble began to start. We made the customary pilgrimage into town to check out the bargains, and to do the customary 'exchanging of the gifts which do not fit'. I was a bit stiff as we started out, but thought it was just me being my normal 80-year old self. If only. By the time we got to Kmart a few hours later I was in rather large amounts of pain - it would seem that my back injury of two years ago has returned with a vengeance.

Last time this happened, there was a clearly defined, if rather pitiful, reason: I had spent the day reaching from ladders while painting. This time? I WENT SHOPPING. What kind of lame-arse cause is that?!? I realise that a lot of this is my fault - I haven't exactly been diligent in following the suggestions of various medical professionals when it comes to my back - but COME ON. Is it too much to ask that my stupid stupid spine could withstand an hour or so of walking? Around shops?!? Was it the bending down to the bottom rack of that bra stand that was too much? Maybe it was picking up my sunglasses from where I dropped them in a change room that proved to be the straw that broke my back. Whatever it was, I'm pissed, and I'm bored, and I can't go to the Falls Festival now and I'm stuck at home going stir crazy and ARGH!

So yeah, life in my neck of the woods is rather meh right now. So please feel free to leave a witty, amusing comment to cheer me up, or maybe a cool link to a fun and involving website which could occupy hours upon hours of my time. I'm desperate here people!


The Scientist said...

virtual bubble wrap has been known to keep me amused for some significant amounts of time....


sorry i couldn't figure out how to make it a nice clicky link

tang-ar-fric Bullshit said...

well.. i dont have anything amusing to say... the word "poo" is kinda funny.. and "penis"... maybe "P" words are funny... what about "Pee"??

Dammit, still havent grown up!

Mads said...

Yay for virtual bubble wrap! Uber fun...

I always found 'plop' to be a rather funny word starting with P... and stuff growing up, it's no fun at all!