Saturday, December 24, 2005

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree
Originally uploaded by Mads.

Despite being the disbelievers that we are (and maybe because of it!), my family adores Christmas, as can be seen by the number of presents under our tree, and the amount of food in our fridge. I hope all of you have a fabulous Christmas, wherever you are, and that Father Christmas treats you well!


spy said...

Merry Christmas heathens!!!

I heard this one from my cousins. They have a crazy religious side of the family, one of whom said:
"There is no stairway to heaven, but Jesus can carry you up" (Comedy GOLD!)

My uncle also attempted to work his voodoo evangelical spells on me by asking if I had read the bible (to which I answered I had read the new testament) and then he commiserated that the pope was "deluding himself".

Hilarity and food orgy thus ensued!

I have also been thinking that the Pope has a tiny little voice for a German person. Think about it!!

Nat!! said...

mads, your tree is just gorgeous... don't know what else to say- it is stunning!!! i hope you had a brilliant time opening up all your pressies :-)