Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lazy beach days

I've been in Bicheno for a few days, staying at a beach house with some friends. The weather was pretty terrible - it might look sunny in these photos, but it was really windy, and the water was ridiculously cold. But a good time was had by all, regardless! (apologies must go to Sandro, who I was forced to call rather late on Tuesday night - damn drinking games! Also, don't believe anything Crip might try to tell you about me being pregnant. Simply not true!)
Flock of seagulls
The bay
Bird in the sky
The beach
See all the photos in their flickr glory in my photostream.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jelous! You know its getting retartedly cold here now eh? Last night we had a foot of snow haha

Anywho later!

Katie Moss

Anonymous said...

with regards to the flock of seagulls image:

"I ran (so far away)"

Xcaped said...

A Tasmanian Beach ? thats an oxymoron!