Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some oddities

I've been in Bicheno for a few days, and so came back this afternoon to 450-odd new items in my bloglines account. 3 or so hours later, I think I'm finally done. Below is some random stuff I found while catching up:

This video of Paris Hilton's unchanging facial expression is mesmerising, hilarious and really really scary, all at once.

Laura Craik writes about Brokeback Mountain's soft-porn potential for women, a film I'm desperate to see (and not just for the porn potential). Craik describes the movie as "a slice of the finest soft porn for women ever committed to celluloid". Excellent.

Some designers made themselves a bar out of books that Stanford was throwing away. I want me one of these!

This Boing Boing article about sex toys that speak to you in your own voice is notable only for the fact that the bananaphone song is listed as the number 1 song you wouldn't want to hear emanating from a dildo.

Here's one hell-cool knife block.

A McSweeney's List: "Love" songs replaced with Danny Glover. My favourite has to be "You've Got to Hide Your Danny Glover Away".

And last, but resolutely not least: William Shatner has sold one of his kidney stones for $25,000. According to the legend itself, the thing was so big "you'd want to wear it on your finger".


matthewonlocation said...

This is perhaps the best list of random crap ever!

Every post/link is hilarious! So good. I love the knife block!

The Scientist said...

Paris Hilton: disturbing
Knife block: wicked

g33k bar: PRICELESS

some things, money can buy, for everything else there's the intertron!