Saturday, February 18, 2006

Moral dilemma

I have lots and lots to talk about, including a post that's been floating around my brain for about a month on the books I read over the summer and how I'm in love with Lord Peter Wimsey... but today I just want to write about the moral dilemma that's facing Canberra right now. I'm not talking about RU486, or the war in Iraq, or detention centres for refugees.

No, today I want to talk about whether it's still ok to eat at Milk and Honey.

For those of you who don't know the back story, last week Kate Lundy, the senator for the ACT, 'named and shamed' three Canberra restaurants (Milk and Honey, The Holy Grail and Zeffirelli Pizza) for allegedly using what amounted to slave Filipino labour. This is obviously a very bad thing, and no business should ever do this.

So now the moral dilemma emerges. Milk and Honey is one of our favourite restaurants in Canberra, but can we really keep on going there knowing that there's a possibility our delicious cakes and fabulous coffee was made by slaves? On Thursday night we went to Gus' cafe instead, and it was good - but we're used to the variable service and too-trendy haircuts at Milk and Honey! Essen is out of the question, simply because they take crappy service to new, incredible heights.

So my question, dear readers, is this: is it acceptable to still eat at Milk and Honey? Our sanity depends on the answer!


Matthew Sheppard said...

I think it's unacceptable of Kate Lundy to have made these concerns public in this way. If it's true, then it should be reported to the proper authorities, and left at that until they have investigated and dealt with it as the law dictates. If the law or the proper authorities are not equipped to deal with these issues, then we should be working to fix that, not turning into PR vigilantes.

That said, knowing what's been said I'd have second thoughts myself. Luckily, I'm not exactly a Milk and Honey regular, so it's not a big dilema.

The Scientist said...

veto the slave labour for sure!

I know I will be once i'm in a position to! that'll teach 'em good :-)

Although i've never found essen THAT bad for service... at least so far...

still, gus's is good! full thumbs up

Xcaped said...

they say ignorance is bliss... now that you know, i dont think you can go there until its sorted out formally.

matthewonlocation said...

Argh! Argh! Argh! But Milk and Honey is so very very good. And I have only been once! Argh!

I have to support Sheppard's comment on this one. If it is supposedly true that Milk and Honey and other similar establishments are using slave labour, why hasn't these complaints gone through standard legal procedures?

I am all for the veto based on the grounds of Slave Labour, but what proof is there other than the rantings of a politician?

I say, continue to support Milk and Honey until further information arises. I would feel aweful if these alegations were unfounded and they had to cut staff due to lack of demand for their services. Wouldn't you feel just as guilty for that reason, alone?

AND because their white chocolate cheesecakes are the best!

tang-ar-fric bullshit said...

i decided to taste the slave cakes the other day.... they are some awesome cakes. And the slave coffee... TO DIE FOR