Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stupid body

There are so many things I could be doing right now, like updating websites, finishing signs, cleaning up my room... but of course I'm not. I went into work this morning to have a meeting, but of course they cancelled on me just beforehand. Which put me in a cranky mood, because what - am I just supposed to sit around for the rest of the day, waiting for her to call and reschedule? I don't think so, dearie. And this morning I did something weird to my neck and I'm in rather a lot of pain, because apparently my body has decided that BRUSHING MY HAIR is an activity that it doesn't want to do today.

You know, I really am overjoyed to be back in Canberra. But I have to say, my enjoyment level has been slightly dampened by the chain of crap that keeps on happening to me - first my tooth, now my neck. Knowing my luck, I'll go to lift someone's suitcase on Saturday, and do my back in, just to complete the trifecta. Stupid body.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I had to say I laughed out load when I read the BRUSHING MY HAIR part.

It was kind of weird

Sorry that your in pain lol.

Katie M

Anonymous said...

I know I spelt loud as load.

You say aluminum weird so were even.

Katie M

Mads said...

omg we were berating an American at lunch today for the stupid way he says 'aluminum'. It's aluminIum people - deal with it!

Xcaped said...

hehe aluminum does have a cool ring to it though even tho i was born and bred here in oz

Anonymous said...

na uh.

Its a-loo-min-umm

Thanks right, i'm taking a stance.

That American you heard prob had a weird accent anyways.

We up north say it right.

Katie Moss