Monday, February 06, 2006

Get your teeth into it

Holy clean laptop screen, Batman! I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Fellowes Screen Cleaning Wipes: as Matt can attest, it takes a lot to clean all the crap off my computer screen, but these beauties have done the job!

In other less exciting news, I went back to the dentist again today, which is always thrilling. I've been in large amounts of pain all weekend and so called the lovely people at Identity Dentistry (more about them later) early this morning, and they managed to fit me in, even if I did have to wait for a bit. It would seem that the problem with my tooth is puzzling, bizarre and really rather rare, so at one point I had four people (two dentists and two assistants) in the room with me. After a local anesthetic and a lot of poking around, the final conclusion was that they couldn't do much for me, and I'm being sent off to see a specialist. Unfortunately the endodontist can't see me until February 22 (!), and the dentist I saw today isn't convinced that the stop-gap measure he did today will help at all with the pain. In fact, he even said he possibly could have made it worse. So here's hoping I'm not living in severe pain for the next two and a bit weeks. Damn teeth.

Even though they couldn't really do anything for me today, I cannot recommend the people at Identity Dentistry highly enough. I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist, as evidenced by my mini-panic attack kind of thing half-way through my time there today (it wasn't pleasant - I just sorta freaked out while I was lying there). But everyone there was incredibly nice and reassuring, and went out of their way to make sure that I was ok and comfortable. So if you happen to be in the market for a dentist in Canberra, check out the wonderful people at Identity Dentistry (they're pretty cheap too!).

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Anonymous said...

ooch. Maddy that sucks, But why did 4 people have to come in to figure out you needed a root canal? That sucks man.

All will be well after the tooth is dead though.

Anywho. later