Thursday, March 16, 2006

'Foundation food'?

Has anyone else seen that truly bizarre ad with Sam Neill promoting red meat? I've seen it about four times now, and still can't make any sense of it. I love Sam Neill to bits, but in this he's just... scary? Deranged? Psychotic? Especially when he sneaks up to the window and stares at the family eating meat. Dunno what's up with that. I think the scariest bit though is the weird-arse dance he does at the end. Very strange. You can read the background on it at the Meat & Livestock Australia website, or download it and watch for yourself here (6.5MB file).


spy said...

OMG YES!!! And it seems to get funnier every time (this is where I add that I stole your tellie!)

And also, I loved the absolute random opening ceremony!! The Duck, flying everything, and the ballerina and the dirt bike!! WTF!!

That's all for now STOP

Bronski said...

I just downloaded truely bizarre! What's with the grannies and Sam all dancing at the end in the desert?! Who came up with that?!

Xcaped said...

its like the missy higgins one where she is holding the little piggy.

i mean seriously, let people eat whatever they want. vegans or carnivores, we all bleed red.

Mads said...

Bitch! for stealing my tv, Sandro. I hope you're sharing it with all the kiddies :) STOP