Friday, March 31, 2006

Getting away with it

A friend and I got The Hell Out of College(tm) last night for three hours or so, and had plum chicken and combination omlette, and Chinese tea and cake and coffee and it was fabulous. I really love my new job (or whatever you want to call it) at college, but it does mean that in some ways I'm always 'on'. People are always dropping by my room, or stopping me in the dining room or on the way to class, which is what I want because it means that they feel they can come and talk to me... but it can get a bit trying at times. So it was great to get away for a few hours and have normal conversation around normal people! I had an... interesting? day yesterday, so it was also good to be able to talk about that and get it all of my chest, so to speak.

So yay for Shuyin and eating decent food away from college!

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