Monday, May 22, 2006

Timetabling madness! Part II

A few weeks ago I wrote about the ANU timetabling website, and in particular some of the amusing comments that people have left, reporting on clashes etc.

Well, the timetabling people have gone through and responded to a lot of those reports. Most of the responses just say "Unlikely to change." In response to "Can you please change the timetable? I need to watch the World Cup" though, we get the response "I too would love to watch the World Cup, but unfortunately unlikely to change." Which I thought was funny...

(My life really is so unexciting that I find comments on exam timetables funny...)

1 comment:

The Scientist said...

Actual responses to the reasons? That's pure class to me... Imagine how tempting it would be to reply with some incredibly smart-arsed comments to some of the reasons people give!

And at least it shows that they read the reasons and don't just go "mleh" :-)