Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Exams, fire engines, and anniversaries

In other news, I did my second exam this morning - only one to go! My last one is on Friday, for my American history course. I ran into the lecturer today, and he was all with the pressure (in the nicest possible way!), saying stuff like "now I expect an HD exam from you, Mad." Well, I'll see what I can do, mate. I had all these carefully made plans for the study I would do this afternoon, which were quickly ruined by the fact that all the lecture tapes were out at the library. Curses. I was hoping to finish listening to the ones I needed (only two more now) today, because I'm going away on Thursday for a night to do some work for the uni, so wanted to get ahead. But it would seem that it was not to be. I'll try again tonight, but otherwise I'll just do reading or something. A lot of the content for this course was covered in a subject I did last semester, so I'm not desperately worried about not having notes for something.

Fire engine just drove by - exciting!

In other news, according to the blogger dashboard, this will be the 497th post on this blog. This number freaks me out me out a bit - that's quite a few words, not to mention a lot of procrastination! Last time a major 'blogiversary' came up (post number 400), I got a bad case of 'post-fright', a term I totally just made up for the occasion. Last time I gave up on doing something profound, and just threw it open to my (enormous!) readership to ask me questions. This time I'm going to be lazy again, and ask all of you this: what do you think I should do for a 500th post extravaganza? Give me your suggestions! Or not! It's not like I'm going to hunt you down or anything.


The Scientist said...

you could talk about your first hot date with someone other than Sandro!

But in an ever so slightly more serious tone, talk about any major things that have happened in your life since the 400th or even 1st post... a "flashback" post if you will...

you could even read some of the oldies and point out things along the lines of: "I can't believe I used to write such crappy/comedic/boring stuff"...

You have aided in my procrastination yet again :-) well done!

Anonymous said...

I think that's a really good idea Mads. You should take a trip down Bloggy Lane...or something. Writing me an email would also be good.

Love James