Saturday, June 03, 2006

McSweeney's Lists!

Anyone else's McSweeney's Lists RSS feed not working lately? I just visited the site and found about 15 lists I'd never seen. Which means, of course... a list of good McSweeney's Lists!

Reasons Not to Fear the Reaper: "He thinks it's nice that Rachel and Ross ended up together."

Where I Would Look for Hungry, Hungry Hippos: "Hungary." (Aside: did anyone else play Hungry, Hungry Hippos when they were little? I loved that game so much! And how cool is it that the game has a wikipedia entry?!)

Popular Musicians if England Had Won the Revolutionary War: "Nine Centimetre Nails."

Signs That America May be Having a Love Affair with the Automobile: "America's credit-card statements show the purchase of multiple pairs of driving gloves that you have never seen."

Unpublished Sequels to Famous Science-Fiction Novels: "An Automatic Digital Coffeemaker Orange."

Ahh, McSweeney's, how I love you...

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spy said...

Perhaps the most stupid one: Possible Names for a Child Conceived by an Almond Fanatic and a Lover of the Movie Young Guns

Almondo Estevez

Dry Roasted Sutherland