Monday, August 14, 2006


I accidentally left my diary on my desk at work on Friday morning, and have felt, well, incomplete all weekend. My entire life is in that small black book, and I've found incredibly difficult to operate without it for the last two days! When I went into work this morning to pick it up, my boss joked that he could have held me ransom for its return. I replied, with all seriousness, that I would have given him all I owned to get it back. No-one separates Mads from her diary!

In other news - did anyone else in Canberra see the fantastic message written in the sky at noon today? If you don't know the background story, have a look here. I've participated in a few of GetUp's campaigns, and I think they're doing some great things. Congratulations on this latest achievement - according to The Age, it looks like the pressure was successful in getting John Howard to dump the proposed asylum laws. I took some photos on my phone, but for some reason I haven't been able to email anything to my flickr account for a while, so I might not be able to put them up. But I will try!

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