Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beta blogger


The next version of Blogger is in beta, and it looks like it's going to include all those features that everyone else has been taking for granted for ages. Features like labels! And being able to restrict who reads what post! And can I just say again, labels!

Very, very excited. It's in limited release right now, so only a few people are able to convert their current blogs over to the new system at the moment. But if you want to play around, you can create a new blog (using a Google account) here.


The Scientist said...

[ignorance] what do labels let you do?[/ignorance]

Mads said...

Labels let you categorise your posts, and make it generally easier to find the stuff you want. A good example is lifehacker, where each post gets a label like 'google', 'software', or 'web utilities'. You can then see every post tagged with a label, like Internet. Really they act exactly like tags on flickr, or labels in gmail.

Moveable type and livejournal have both had labels/tags for a while now - blogger's finally catching up!