Thursday, August 03, 2006

Experts and idiots

Stephen Colbert, of Daily Show fame, has a hilarious article in this month's Wired magazine, entitled Be an Expert on Anything. With tips such as "Use the word zeitgeist as often as possible" and "Get an honorary PhD", there's something for everyone.

I've got a post floating around in the back of my brain on (not) hating America, inspired in part by this, but mostly by my continual frustration by the blind anti-Americanism I continually encounter in the course of my American Studies major... but I'm off to Melbourne in an hour or so to see Bron do her thing in a play (hooray!), so it'll have to wait.

Sufficed to say that I'm so utterly sick of this automatic, reflexive hatred of the US that seems so 'hip' with so many Australians. It even comes up in my history class this semester, which is fucking ludicrous, seeing as we're studying the American Revolution. I mean, can you separate out your dislike for George W. Bush for one hour while we have a look at the Declaration of Independence? I mean, I know you can't compartmentalise history, but I think it's far more important to look at how the development of the US has meant that the current situation in the US is possible, rather than going the other way and imposing your narrow-minded opinions on the Founding Fathers.

Huh. That went a little longer than I intended. I guess I'm more pissed off about the subject than I thought! More coherent thoughts to (possibly) follow...

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