Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My desk

Originally uploaded by Mads.

I've been making a conscious effort in the last few weeks to improve my posture and working environment, so that I don't end up with excruciating neck pain again any time soon. Which is why I now have this rather inelegant set-up on my desk now. Finally my IT textbooks have a use - propping up my laptop and document holder!

On the left we have Java Software Solutions and Fundamentals of Database Systems, and underneath the laptop, from top to bottom, we have Discrete Mathematics with Applications, Information Technology for Management, and Data Structurs and Software Development in an Object-Oriented Domain, all books that I thought I would never use again. Turns out they're all excellent substitutes for bricks.


NutmegNine said...

Hey! I linked over to you from Monday Madness, but I gotta comment on this post. I just bought a stability ball to use as an office chair at the insistence of a fitness editor I once worked with. It's weirdly comfortable AND it makes me sit up straighter without thinking about it.

According to my buddy, it encourages something oxymoronically called "active sitting" and it "works the core." Supposedly it's good for the abs, and is therefore good for the posture.

And it's kind of fun, sitting there on a big ol' bouncy ball all day!

The Scientist said...

lol Mads, nice to see your text books get some real work sometimes... :-)

nutmegnine's ball thing sounds like fun too... :-)

matthewonlocation said...

Now I have a use for my economics textbooks!!!!!