Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two weeks in the life of me

So I'm mostly over my whiny and pathetic phase (which I briefly mentioned here). Sufficed to say that I've had a pretty crappy last few weeks, due primarily to annoyingly persistent, and occasionally excruciating, neck and shoulder pain. It started two weeks ago, and while it is a lot better I'm still not entirely 100%, and so my weeks have been filled with frequent visits to the physio, and not a lot of work because I can't use a computer for much longer than 45 minutes at a time.

So yeah, that's been kind of sucky, especially the not being able to work part: I had planned to do quite a bit of reading and research for essays in these two weeks of break, and now I'm woefully behind. Hopefully I'll be able to get extensions (I have documentation etc.) but it's just an enormous bother.

But! Not everything has been bad in the life of me recently. Bron came to visit on Saturday afternoon, and even if it wasn't for very long, and the reasons for her visit to Canberra weren't fantastic, it was tops to see her. I watched all of season two of The House of Elliot last week, which was fabulous - that program still ranks in my top five TV shows of all time. I finally got my camera cable in the mail today (and my mother put chocolate in the package as well!), so I've finally been able to upload all the photos I've taken this term. I had a very nice dinner with my uncle last night, who was up in Canberra for meetings. And I got my mobile phone back in one piece, after accidentally leaving it on the bus last night - someone handed it in to lost property in Belconnen! Rock on Canberra and its civic-minded citizens.

So life isn't all bad. But I'll be extremely happy when I'm completely over this neck/shoulder thing and can actually get down to doing some real work...

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