Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Presidential elections website

Very quick update with some linky goodness before I absolutely must, without a doubt, start doing some work:

The Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections was recommended to me yesterday by one of my lecturers, although the recommendation was prefaced with the statement "the guy's obviously a bit of a nutter", a statement which was seconded by another lecturer today. Having had a look, this Dave Leip is clearly a little bit OCD, but in a good way, because his obsession has resulted in such an insanely useful website (if you're into U.S. elections...which I am!). The data goes back all the way to 1789, and the notes that accompany each year are really interesting and helpful. I had been wondering about the election of 1864 (how do you run an election during a Civil War?), and not only did this website answer my questions about that, I've learned quite a few other cool things too.

Well, cool for me anyway. I realise that this blog is quickly turning into a continual (one-sided) discussion about American history, but I'm enjoying writing about it, so I don't really care that much if people are not enjoying reading about it!

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