Friday, November 24, 2006

The real world is... hot?

Hmmm, so it's been a while since my last update. Many many things have happened since then, including two exams, one change of address, and three afternoons spent waiting at new home for furniture deliveries! Yes, that's right, I have finally thrown off the security blanket that is residential college life, and have moved out into the real world. So far so good, although I'm quickly discovering that the real world is expensive, particularly when you're setting up a house for the first time. Who knew, for example, that beds cost so much?! I certainly didn't.

In other news, Canberra is hot, but then I think most people knew that. I'm staying up here for the whole summer (I'll only be in Tasmania over Christmas/New Year), and I'm not sure how I'm going to survive. At least the office where I'll be working has air-conditioning, as does the new house. So yay for climate-change-causing air-conditioning!

I'm still having trouble adjusting to the fact that the academic year is over; this year has simultaneously seemed to go forever, and for no time at all. Similarly, this semester has been both fantastic as well as absolutely hideous in places, mostly when my neck was being a bitch. But I did some fantastic courses this year (even my IT ones weren't that painful this semester!), and to say that I'm now rather passionate about studying American history is probably putting it rather mildly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next year; I've still got another year of coursework to do before honours, but on a point related to my new-found passion for American history, there are very few courses I'm actually interested in studying on offer next year. I have vague thoughts about possibly applying for an internship at the Smithsonian in the second half of next year, but we will see. I have to survive the deadly Canberra summer first!

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wish you good luck!