Monday, April 30, 2007

But I said no, no, no

I've been listening to Rehab by Amy Winehouse pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours, except for when I listened to F**k Me Pumps instead. Seriously addictive stuff.


crip said...

I typically agree with the clear majority of your listening habits...but neither hip-hop nor 'RnB' or even hip-pop or whatever the young kids are calling it these days will ever be considered listen-to-able

Mads said...

Have you actually listened to this song though? There might be a bit of hip-hop influence, but it's really more 1950s big-band jazz. I read a review somewhere that described her as "Etta James meets Lauryn Hill", which I think is a pretty good description.

That being said, I have a rather embarrassing love of hip-hop, although I like it to be old-school Public Enemy kinda stuff, rather than this new-fangled Snoop Dogg crap.

Mads said...

Also, there's hand clapping. I'm a sucker for hand clapping in songs.