Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday madness!

Haven't done this for a while... (this week's questions are here.)

1. Which web browser do you prefer?
Firefox! Although I'm forced to use IE at work, which is supremely painful.

2. Are you a PC user or MAC user?
PC - I drool all over the look of Macs, but then find I can't get anything done when I have to use one.

3. Will your next computer purchase happen within the next year (do you think)?
I only got my current laptop last year, so it'll probably be a while before I upgrade again. So far (touch wood) I haven't had a single problem with this one.

4. Will you purchase your next computer at a local store or via the internet?
Probably the internet; my current laptop is a Dell, and ordering it online was completely painless.

5. Have you had any experience with Windows Vista?
My Dad just got a new laptop, and it's on there.

6. What are your feelings about this new operating system (if any)?
I haven't had much of a go at it, but it seems fine to me. Personally I think people expect a little too much from Microsoft when they launch a new operating system: you can't do something completely and utterly radical when your software is on 95% of computers across the world. Although, I've been using the new Office for a while now, and that's pretty revolutionary, and in a good way!


Lynn said...

We also use IE at the office and even in my school coz they say IE is a lot more compatible in practically all programs out there.

meowminx said...

I use IE 7 sometimes but just to check if my site looks the same or whacked out, as sometimes it looks fine on Firefox, but completely messed up on IE. It is an even more pain in the u know what to use! lol

My answers are here

crip said...

reads like a survey by Microsoft or Dell

KT said...

Yo Maddy. Hope you had a nice long weekend! Hope Uni is treating you well. Watch any good movies lately?
Anywho ttyl KT

KT said...

on a more relevent note, I am thinking of purchasing a laptop. I need your experteeze. What do you recommend?