Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nobody Cares

Look, Nobody Cares That You're a DJ. Right on dude, DJs give me the shits. As this guy says, "I have a pretty impressive DVD collection and know quite a bit about film history, but if I show up at your house and play Taxi Driver for you, does that make me Martin Scorsese? No, it doesn't. Also, whatever you're wearing right now, it looks ridiculous." Right on. Down with pretentious idiot DJs.

In other news, if this frikkin' migraine which WOKE ME UP this morning could go away? That would be good, seeing as it's now after 3 in the afternoon. Being woken up IN PAIN is not my most favourite way to start the day, especially when it keeps on going and going AND GOING.

In even other news, I've been reading too much Dooce, as seen by the way I type RANDOM THINGS IN CAPITALS. But you should all read Dooce too, because it's really funny.

In even other other news, I saw Metallica: Some Kind of Monster last night, and it was very very cool. Dr Phil their therapist (yes, his name actually was Phil, and he said meaningless platitudes that were supposed to be deep and meaningful just like the other Dr Phil) is possibly the uncoolest man in the music industry. Ever. Phil was an idiot of the highest order, but you should all still see the movie to witness his supreme uncoolness.

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